Kindergarten La Petite Academy

La Petite Academy is a small private kindergarten registered by the Republic of Slovenia. It accepts children of 11 months till they achieve 6 years. Each department in the kindergarten has at least two teachers. Among our staff there are also a pedagogical adviser, director and headmaster. All the personnel of the kindergarten are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau, they have certificates on passing the examinations from safety and health and other certificates of education. Teachers permanently improve their knowledge especially in the field of Montessori education and foreign languages. Work in the kindergarten is organized so that we consider the needs and developmental characteristics of children, learning and good conditions. The teachers encourage children to observe and investigate; they motivate their phantasy and creativity by offering them opportunities to acquire new experiences and discover their environment.

Children live in pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and have many opportunities for creative research in the classroom, in the environment and in nature. We also encourage children’s development in the language area. We speak with them, listen to them, read them, and motivate them to make their own stories. We develop children to give voice to their feelings and understand foreign languages. We support children’s social development and contribute to their self-confidence and ability to maintain good relationships with their environment. When children socialize with their friends, teachers, parents and others they are taught how to behave, solve problems and conflicts. The teachers develop pleasant group atmosphere, set appropriate limits and expectations, and knowledge of values. All employees have been further educated especially in the Montessori education and in foreign languages.

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